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Visit Superscript for Free Comic Book Day! This exciting weekend will include a kick-off party at Bottlehouse Lakewood on Friday night, leading up to our FCBD midnight opening at Superscript! Plus, we will be hosting many excellent vendors and local artists on Free Comic Book Day at Superscript and Lakewood Art Supply!

The Warhammer 40K Spring Qualifier Tournament is a 3-round tournament taking place on Saturday, May 20th. Games will be 2,000-point Strike Force missions. View the complete tournament packet and learn more at the link below!

Join Superscript for a Tuesday Night Modern Tournament. This event takes place weekly (except for the third Tuesday each month when we host our monthly Legacy Jam!) Entry is $10, and the event kicks off at 6:30PM.

Join us for a once-a-month Legacy Magic: The Gathering Tournament, taking place on the 3rd Tuesday of every month. $10 entry fee - 100% prize support. Tournaments are four rounds, Swiss - with no cut to top 8. Prizes will be awarded to winners based on the number of participants. Registration ends at 6:30

Meet up with some friends or make some new ones at our weekly Board Game Social - Thursdays from 4:30PM - 9PM. The event is totally free and we'll even raffle off a gift card or other prize each week!

Friday Night Magic at Superscript alternates features a variety of fun and accessible formats such as Commander, Booster Drafts, and Pauper. View our schedule on the Wizards Event Locator to see our full calendar of Magic: The Gathering events.

Check out the exciting new TCG, Flesh and Blood, at weekly Armory Events that feature exclusive promotional prizes! Events are every Sunday at 1PM, with $10 - $20 entry fee based on the event format. Visit the Flesh and Blood event locator for our complete schedule.

Explore the Kingdom of Lakewood, a Dungeons and Dragons campaign, taking place the first Sunday each month. A peaceful celebration in a small village suddenly turns terrifying! Players interested in joining this session should visit the Kingdom of Lakewood channel at the Superscript Discord

Join the Hunter's Guild, a Dungeons and Dragons campaign, taking place the third Sunday each month. Investigate strange monsters and delves, and stumble upon a larger plot that could rock the country to its core and threaten the very fate of the guild! Visit the Hunter's Guild channel in the Superscript Discord to learn more.

The Superscript Gauntlet is a seasonal Magic: The Gathering challenge. Players must participate in six different formats of Magic events in order to win a special, limited edition playmat! Visit the link below for full details.


Conveniently located at 13361 Madison Avenue, Superscript is Lakewood's premiere comic and game store.

  • Superscript is open 1pm-9pm Tuesday-Friday, 12pm-9pm Saturday, and 12-6 Sunday.

  • Free metered street parking all day on weekends and after 6pm on weeknights.

  • Additional parking available nearby at Madison Park.


Have a question about Superscript? Give us a call at 216-712-6231 or fill out the following form and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Our Story

The Team

Superscript is led by Christine, her husband Elliott, and Elliott's life-long friend, Nick. Together, they provide Lakewood with a one-stop-shop for comics and tabletop games. Superscript is a community-focused store, with a comfortable atmosphere to encourage guests to flip through comics, play games, and engage with one another.

Backer Wall of Fame

These wonderful individuals backed our Indiegogo campaign and helped turn our vision for Superscript into a reality! Without you, none of this would have been possible. Thank you!

  • Rocky Catanese

  • Assad Khaishgi

  • Deena and Rafi Mendlowitz

  • Stan Simon

  • Matt Sonnhalter

  • Brian Berger

  • Ian Bowers

  • Yoshi

  • Rich and Mary-Alice Frank

  • Alex Ward

  • Ryan Parasiliti and Gillian Kingsbury

  • Jack and Irene

  • Joe Santocildes

  • Bob!

  • The Babaki Family

  • Renee

  • Allen, Charis, Zoey & Harrison Smith

  • donald butchko

  • Russa

  • Ryan Reynolds

  • Keith & Karen Reynolds

  • Holly Foster

  • Jen & Cody Richmond

  • Jean Veltema

  • Celeste Lipp

  • Mike Burrows

  • Kstubs

  • Tessa Logan and Sean Anderson

  • Nicholas James Schmitt

  • Beau Schultz

  • Andy Barlow

  • Jeremy Gage

  • Sarah LaCorte

  • Arazi

  • Skullface

  • Shannon L. Vecchio Sullivan

  • Kyle Pierson

  • Cory Welker

  • Emma Jochum

  • Kailey Ikerd

  • Richard & Oliver Hislop

  • The Meltoks

  • Michelle Bekina

  • Matt Rosfelder

  • Ryan Forman

  • Brian J Salata

  • Al & Linda Fukalek

  • Josh Fekete

  • Logan Dorado

  • Emad Hasan

  • Vladimir Necovski

  • Kyle Anderson

  • Sarah L.

  • Shara Miller

  • Joanna & Maic D’Agostino

  • Ren Harcar

  • Trent Brown

  • Jon Nix

  • Dan Holahan

  • Mike Grabski

  • Jack and Megan Holmes

  • T Nick Domitrovic

  • Marissa DeSantis & James Catullo

  • Chrissy B

  • Gretchen & Randy Metzger

  • Trish DiFranco

  • Ron Fatica

  • Michael & Jo-Anne Chrysochoos

  • Sean Clark

  • Rob Schultz

  • Slayer of the ass dragon


The 2022 Superscript Holiday Gift Guide is here, with comic and game recommendations for families, goths, zoomers, choosy gamers, defiant readers, and more! Visit the link below to cure to holiday shopping woes!

2023 Warhammer 40k League

The Superscript Warhammer 40K League is a season of one-day tournaments that take place quarterly. The league culminates in an invitational tournament, at which top-players from previous events face-off to crown the League Champion and the Pillar of the Community.Invitational seats will be awarded to top-scoring players, as well as those who strive to embody the values of the Superscript miniature gaming community.The Spring Qualifier Tournament is a 3-round tournament taking place on Saturday, May 20th. Games will be 2,000-point Strike Force missions.Entry into the tournament is $35. Call or visit Superscript to register and secure your spotThe league packet, which contains the complete league rules and list-building guidelines, can be found here.

Free Comic Book Day 2023


Friday, May 5th
6:30PM - 10:30PM FCBD Kick-Off (At Bottlehouse Lakewood)
- 7PM - Board Game Social
- 7PM - Drink and Draw
- 10PM - Superscript Trivia
12AM - 2AM FCBD Midnight Opening (At Superscript)
Saturday, May 6th
10AM - 9PM Open for Free Comic Book Day (At Superscript)
- 10AM - 6PM Local Artist Vendors (At Superscript & Lakewood Art Supply)
- 1PM - Cosplay Contest
- 8 PM - Mega Raffle

Friday, May 5th

Visit Superscript for a night of Casual Commander as part of our Free Comic Book Day weekend. Open play goes from 6PM-9PM, and we will have lots of promos to give away! At 9 o'clock, participants are encouraged to head across the street to Bottlehouse Lakewood, where our FCBD festivities will continue with trivia, board games, and more!

Grab a drink at Bottlehouse and hang out with some of the Superscript crew for quick and fun board games! Play Wavelength, Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza, Secret Hitler, and other fan-favorites. Plus, participants will have a chance to win some wonderful prizes donated by Tabletop Board Game Cafe.

Join Cleveland artist, Justin Michael Will, for an evening of drinking and drawing at Bottlehouse! No experience required! Pencils, markers, and drawing pads will be provided - just show up with a desire to create and have fun!

The Superscript team will lead a weird and wonderful trivia - sure to test your knowledge of comics, Warhammer, Pokemon, sheep, trains, and obscure bands from 2004! It's always a great time, and you just might win some prizes!

Return to Superscript at midnight to get the first pass at this year's Free Comic Book Day titles! All customers are welcome to take 10 different FCBD titles! Plus, any purchases will reward a raffle ticket for every $10 spent!

Saturday, May 6th

Be the first in line for Free Comic Book Day, bright and early at 10AM! All customers are welcome to take 10 different FCBD titles! Plus, any purchases will reward a raffle ticket for every $10 spent!

Local artists such as Gary Dumm, Jake Kelly, John G, and many more will be tabling with us on our big day! Vendors will be set up from 10AM - 6PM at Superscript and Lakewood Art Supply. Check back for a complete vendor schedule coming soon!

Calling all cosplayers! Paigecicle is hosting the Free Comic Book Day Cosplay Contest at Superscript! The top two winners get a free ticket to ColassalCon! Registration starts at 1PM at Superscript. Entrants will parade their looks at 2PM.

Earn tickets all week and win big at the FCBD Mega Raffle! Receive a raffle ticket for every $10 spent between May 1st and May 6th, and pick from a selection of comics, games, and toys! Raffle winners will be selected at 8PM, and all winners will be notified by email!

Vendor Highlights

3pm-6pm at Superscript

I have loved cartoons and comics ever since I was a child. My mom taught me to read using comics as well as books.And I learned that I could get attention from other kids in grade school by showing them my drawings. Later, in high school, I found that was also a way to draw attention from girls. The practice of drawing is who I am.Combining words with pictures is a challenging but fun way to make a living. I have worked with a lot of talented writers, but especially Harvey Pekar on his autobiographical comic series “American Splendor” and Scott MacGregor on our graphic novel “Fire On The Water.” They’ve inspired me to hone my craft everyday.Telling a story with art is what I aim to do with every image I’ve created. Presently I am working with my wife Laura on our series of large and colorful environmental and socio-political paintings. But I will forever continue to work on comics in glorious black-and-white

3pm-6pm at Superscript

Scott MacGregor is an American photographer and writer from Cleveland, Ohio. His photographs and writings have been published in books and magazines. He has been writing graphic tales for several decades in collaboration with Cleveland artists, most notably with artists Gary Dumm and Gregory Budgett.MacGregor is the primary author of the underground comic "DIP Stories" and the graphic novel, “Fire On The Water” a work of historical fiction which tells the early 20th century story of the harrowing experiences suffered while building water tunnels under Lake Erie by Irish and European immigrants in his hometown of Cleveland.

10am-6pm at Superscript

Writer and Creator of Nook (Source Point Press), Supercats (Scout Comics), Alter-Life, Flytrap, and ZED, Caleb is just getting started. Formerly an independent film producer in Chicago, he has spent the past 8 years writing, creating, and publishing numerous comics, graphic novels, and children’s books. After 16 successful kickstarter campaigns in the past years, he has proven time and time again that his creations are not to be missed. His passion to create high-quality books and stories audiences will want to experience over and over again rivals even the most professional comic book publishers standards.

3pm-6pm at Lakewood Art Supply

Lindsey J Bryan is a full time surface designer, illustrator, and frog drawer living in Cleveland, Ohio. She likes dogs, music, coffee, comics, collecting, cutting out tiny pieces of paper, picture books, ghosts, stars, and anthropomorphizing the moon. You can find her prints, handmade zines, mini comics, stickers, and pins at Superscript's Free Comic Book Day this year!

3pm-6pm at Superscript

As a musician and comic book creator, Kris “skinnyk” Morron has continually sought to create compelling stories that inspire. He has been a contributing member of the Cleveland music scene since joining Swank Motel in 1997. He's been a member of and written for a wide variety of bands including the Afrodesiatics, Mifuné, Revolution Brass Band, and Trepanning Trio. In 2018, Kris turned his storytelling interests to comics, creating and co-writing Peerless, an ode to 1970s martial arts films. Kris’s most recent release, Shady Lane Blues was a collaboration with with comic creator and muralist, Jake Kelly. This ambitious project also includes original music written and recorded by Kris and Austin Walkin’ Cane which is available both digitally and on vinyl. When he’s not writing, Kris is also the Music Director and conductor of the Contemporary Youth Orchestra, yet another exciting platform from which to share his imagination and creativity with others

10am-6pm at Lakewood Art Supply

Artists Printing for Artists! Gawk Printing, LLC is a partner to artists of all shapes and sizes. We know first hand how hard it is to sell your art on a mass scale. Whether you're ordering prints for the first time or you're a seasoned veteran, we're here to help meet your needs. The owners and operators of Gawk Printing, LLC have a wide variety of industry experience ensuring you're receiving a satisfactory result every time.

3pm-6pm at Lakewood Art Supply

I like to draw every single day. To create something out of nothing, and to share it with the world, makes it even more special. I like to laugh uncontrollably, walk around aimlessly, and to take moments to enjoy the earth, the trees, and the clouds. From murals to logo work, to cartoons and zines - I'm here for silly words, frivolous lines, and buckets of juicy colors.

10am-1pm at Lakewood Art Supply

Strange Deer Press a midwestern comic & zine collective. Started in Northeast Ohio, SDP creates works that are real, accessible, wonderful, and wild - ranging from queer autobiographical comics to speculative fiction to anthologies.

10am-6pm at Superscript

Joseph Sieracki was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio. He is the writer of A LETTER TO JO published by TOP SHELF, THE LIFE AND DEATH OF THE BRAVE CAPTAIN SUAVE from SCOUT COMICS, and GHOSTS OF SCIENCE PAST from HUMANOIDS.

10am-1pm at Superscript

Doki Doki Kawaii Shop specializes in kawaii goods, anime figures and merch, manga, super cute Japanese stationery, self care products, plushies, Japanese gashapon and blind boxes, snacks and more!

3pm-6pm at Lakewood Art Supply

Comics in the Circle is a local comics/manga/zine/graphic novel-creating group for adults (18+). We meet virtually on Discord and in person at Superscript Comics and Games every other Thursday at 7 pm to draw prompted comics, work on our personal projects, and spend time with fellow adults who love creating comics.

The Superscript Gauntlet

The Superscript Gauntlet is a seasonal challenge in which players compete in a variety of Magic: The Gathering events in an attempt to win a limited edition playmat. The playmats will be exclusive to The Superscript Gauntlet, and will only be available while supplies last. Participating players will receive a punch card, which will track their completed events. Once all six events on a player’s punch card have been completed, they will receive a playmat.The six Gauntlet challenges are as follows:
- Modern
- Commander
- Draft
- Legacy
- Pauper
- Sealed Deck
Completion of an event requires the player to register for the event on time and participate in all of their matches. Upon completing their first event, the player will receive a punch card, with the corresponding event punched out. At subsequent events, the player must provide their punch card in order to receive credit for participating in the event.Due to the limited nature of the playmats, players will have a better chance of winning a playmat the earlier in the season they complete the Gauntlet. Superscript staff will give notification when nearly all of the playmats have been claimed, by making announcements in the Superscript Discord and at the start of Gauntlet events. In the instance that not enough playmats remain to be awarded to all the players that complete their punch card at the same event - playmats will be awarded based on the players’ punch card number in ascending order. Because Gauntlet Cards will be handed out in numerical order, this means the players that began participation in the Gauntlet earliest will be awarded a playmat over a player that began participation later in the season.

Return Policy

We offer refunds within the first 30 days of your purchase, if 30 days have passed since your purchase, you will not be offered a refund of any kind.Eligibility for refunds
- Your item must be unused and in the same condition that you received it.
- The item must be in the original packaging.
- To complete your return, we require a receipt or proof of purchase.
- Only regular priced items may be refunded, sale items cannot be refunded.
The following are exempt from refunds
- Gift cards
- TCG Singles