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Coming Soon! Visit Superscript on ComicHub to shop our selection of comics, graphic novels, board games, miniatures games, accessories, and more!


Visit Superscript on TCGPlayer to shop our collection of collectible card game singles, such as Magic: The Gathering, Flesh and Blood, and more!


A Pull Box subscription ensures that you'll always receive your favorite comics, all you have to do is tell us which titles you'd like to read. We'll have all your latest issues set aside for the next time you stop in the store. Visit us to signup, and use the form below if you have any questions about starting a Pull Box.


Join Superscript for a Tuesday Night Constructed Tournament. This weekly event will rotate between Pauper, Modern, and other Constructed formats. Entry is $10. Registration is due by 6:30 PM.

Join us for a once-a-month Legacy Magic: The Gathering Tournament. Legacy tournaments will be held on the 3rd Thursday of every month. $10 entry fee - 100% prize support. Tournaments are four rounds, Swiss - with no cut to top 8. Prizes will be awarded to winners based on the number of participants. Registration ends at 6:30

Friday Night Magic at Superscript alternates between Casual Commander and Booster Drafts. View our schedule on the Wizards Event Locator to learn more.

Join Dungeon Master, Randy, in The Tower of a Thousand Trials! This is a perfect place to explore new and challenging ways to play D&D 5e - join us each month as we climb through single-session trials like PvP Battle Royale, Survival Dungeon Crawls, Impossible Puzzles, and more! A great game for players who like a bit of improvised fun and aren’t afraid to bend the rules.

Join DM, Ryan, on an adventure off the Sword Coast! A new continent has risen out of the trackless sea, 1000s of miles off the Sword Coast. While the appearance of the continent remains a mystery, everyone seems to accept that Rispen Flintspark (a heretofore unknown Dwarf) is the lord of the only known outpost, Flintspark Keep. This lord has sent out a request for settlers and adventurers alike, with offers from everything to a plot of land to the thrills of exploration.

If you're interested in getting into a miniatures gaming hobby, look no further than our Sunday afternoon demos! Each week of the month is a different demo, so pop in at 1PM to learn more about Necromunda, Warhammer: Age of Sigmar, 7TV, Star Wars: Legion, and more!


Conveniently located at 13361 Madison Avenue, Superscript is Lakewood's premiere comic and game store.

  • Superscript is open 1pm-9pm Tuesday- Friday, 12pm-9pm Saturday, and 12-6 Sunday.

  • Free metered street parking all day on weekends and after 6pm on weeknights.

  • Additional parking available nearby at Madison Park.


Have a question about Superscript? Give us a call at 216-712-6231 or fill out the following form and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Our Story

The Team

Superscript is led by Christine, her husband Elliott, and Elliott's life-long friend, Nick. Together, they provide Lakewood with a one-stop-shop for comics and tabletop games. Superscript is a community-focused store, with a comfortable atmosphere to encourage guests to flip through comics, play games, and engage with one another.

Backer Wall of Fame

These wonderful individuals backed our Indiegogo campaign and helped turn our vision for Superscript into a reality! Without you, none of this would have been possible. Thank you!

  • Rocky Catanese

  • Assad Khaishgi

  • Deena and Rafi Mendlowitz

  • Stan Simon

  • Matt Sonnhalter

  • Brian Berger

  • Ian Bowers

  • Yoshi

  • Rich and Mary-Alice Frank

  • Alex Ward

  • Ryan Parasiliti and Gillian Kingsbury

  • Jack and Irene

  • Joe Santocildes

  • Bob!

  • The Babaki Family

  • Renee

  • Allen, Charis, Zoey & Harrison Smith

  • donald butchko

  • Russa

  • Ryan Reynolds

  • Keith & Karen Reynolds

  • Holly Foster

  • Jen & Cody Richmond

  • Jean Veltema

  • Celeste Lipp

  • Mike Burrows

  • Kstubs

  • Tessa Logan and Sean Anderson

  • Nicholas James Schmitt

  • Beau Schultz

  • Andy Barlow

  • Jeremy Gage

  • Sarah LaCorte

  • Arazi

  • Skullface

  • Shannon L. Vecchio Sullivan

  • Kyle Pierson

  • Cory Welker

  • Emma Jochum

  • Kailey Ikerd

  • Richard & Oliver Hislop

  • The Meltoks

  • Michelle Bekina

  • Matt Rosfelder

  • Ryan Forman

  • Brian J Salata

  • Al & Linda Fukalek

  • Josh Fekete

  • Logan Dorado

  • Emad Hasan

  • Vladimir Necovski

  • Kyle Anderson

  • Sarah L.

  • Shara Miller

  • Joanna & Maic D’Agostino

  • Ren Harcar

  • Trent Brown

  • Jon Nix

  • Dan Holahan

  • Mike Grabski

  • Jack and Megan Holmes

  • T Nick Domitrovic

  • Marissa DeSantis & James Catullo

  • Chrissy B

  • Gretchen & Randy Metzger

  • Trish DiFranco

  • Ron Fatica

  • Michael & Jo-Anne Chrysochoos

  • Sean Clark

  • Rob Schultz

  • Slayer of the ass dragon