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Para Bellum



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Desolation Drones are some of the most feared troops that the Spires can deploy despite their humble origins. Once no more than disposable spawning pool disinfectants, it did not take long for some enterprising Biomancer to see what the effect of the digestive liquids they sprayed on the vats would have on the battlefield. His immediate promotion granted him all the resources he would need to update the weaponry to deliver the liquids from afar. Though the range still leaves something to be desired, the base trooper design remains unchanged allowing for very efficient production to replace the unavoidable losses.     

How they Play:   Tool turned mighty weapon, these Drones are tasked with suppressing Enemy formations while they are caught up engaging with the rest of the Spire force. Powerful Reprocessing Agents force Enemy Regiments to drop their guard while their weapon's Armor Piercing capabilities ensure that little is left after each salvo.

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