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Heroscape: Terrain Expansion - The Grove at Laur's Edge

Heroscape: Terrain Expansion - The Grove at Laur's Edge

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Nestled at the edge of Valhallas grand Laur Jungle, a grove of dense foliage stands, its greenery inviting yet foreboding. Though currently deserted, the impending call of battle will pierce even this tranquil haven. Whatever lurks behind the swaying branches will prove far less amicable than the trees themselves. Build new jungle environments over which to battle for Valhalla in HEROSCAPE: THE GROVE AT LAURS EDGE. Choose your scenario, build your battlefield, select your army, and fight to win! This terrain set includes 3 Laur Jungle trees, 6 Laur Jungle Underbrush pieces, and a setup guide to maximize your use of these striking new terrain features. This set is fully compatible with all Heroscape Master Sets and Expansions! Requires core game to play. Features: New Laur Jungle Trees and underbrush! Unique locking hex-tile terrain system! Introduces the Heroscape Terrain System product line! Compatible with previous and upcoming Heroscape releases!

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