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Dragon Shields: (100) Matte Dual - Might (DISPLAY 10)

Dragon Shields: (100) Matte Dual - Might (DISPLAY 10)

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With might we protect. The opening line of the Rowanite Creed. Becoming a Knight of the Rowanite Order is no easy feat; the Order only recruits the most capable fighters. Sling spells with Dual Matte sleeves, fresh out the forge. Inside Dual Matte sleeves you will discover a fully opaque, black interior which brings an elegant backdrop to black bordered cards. Make your card art POP with Dual Mattes! With a slightly less textured back compared to our regular Matte sleeves, Dual Matte sleeves maintain a great hand feel and shuffle like a dream. 100 standard size sleeves, Matte texture, Black Interior, Fully Opaque.

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