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Para Bellum



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While the effectiveness of the Flogobolon and the Skorpios have long been known to the City States, they have long struggled to find a way to deploy them on the battlefield in a cost effective way. In a stroke of pure genius, the Gerousia of Helias invited the merchant and noble houses to sponsor the construction of these deadly vehicles. The frenzy of spending and overengineering that followed has since then spread to the other City States and their noble patrons. The weapons themselves are a marvel of engineering which nobody but the dweghom could hope to match, the chariot bodies are crafted of sturdy wood and sheathed metal to keep both rider and weapon from harm… The lions are there simply to proclaim the wealth and power of their patrons.

How they play: Fast moving mobile ranged platforms, these war chariots are able to support the main City States battlelines with a selection of two powerful weapon systems. The Flogobolon functions as an excellent deterrent for Enemy Regiments to assault the flanks of your main line whilst unleashing devastating salvos to Enemy Regiments already locked in combat. The Skorpios trades some of the damage output of the Flogobolon for the ability to fire over longer ranges and address a wide variety of threats.

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