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Old-School Essentials: Adventure Anthology 1

Old-School Essentials: Adventure Anthology 1

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Four short adventures for Old-School Essentials, each crafted by a leading old-school writer. PCs’ search for gold and glory will take them from disease-ridden sewers and bejeweled vaults, to sinister temples and to the deep void of space. The Jeweler`s Sanctum (level 13): Written by Giuseppe Rotondo, illustrated by Mark Lyons. Curse of the Maggot God (level 23): Written by Glynn Seal, illustrated by Peter Pagano. The Sunbathers (level 3): Written by Brad Kerr, illustrated by Chris Malec. The Comet That Time Forgot (level 9+): Written by D. M. Wilson and Sarah Brunt, illustrated by Stefan Poag.

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