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Old-School Essentials: Adventure Anthology 2

Old-School Essentials: Adventure Anthology 2

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Four short adventures for Old-School Essentials, each crafted by a leading old-school writer. PCs search for gold and glory will take them from musty barrow mounds and gnomish shrines, to sinister cathedrals and accursed stepwells. Barrow of the Bone Blaggards (level 13): Written by Chance Dudinack, illustrated by Letty Wilson. Delve into the slime-filled lair of a grease dragon and her amphibious minions. Cathedral of the Crimson Death (level 46): Written by Diogo Nogueira, illustrated by Justine Jones. The Raveners Ghat (level 68): Written by Brian Yaksha, illustrated by Sajan Rai.

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