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PIRATE BORG RPG: Core Rulebook (MORK BORG compatible)

PIRATE BORG RPG: Core Rulebook (MORK BORG compatible)

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PIRATE BORG is a scury ridden hack of the ENnie winning RPG Mörk Borg. It's game about being a greedy, filthy scoundrel. No prey, no pay. Find a ship. Recruit some crew. Raid, pillage, plunder, and otherwise pilfer your weasley black guts out. Get a bigger ship. Kill some things. Upgrade your ship. Sneak into a fort. Raid a port. Acquire treasure. Bury said treasure. Become infamous. Search for someone else’s treasure. Flee in terror from unfathomable creatures from the deep. Drink all of the rum. Die on the high seas. Roll a new character and do it all again… For dead men tell no tales, better get a live one as fast as you can.

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