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Misspent Youth: Sell Out With

Misspent Youth: Sell Out With

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Misspent Youth: Sell Out with Me is a fucking awesome supplement for the Misspent Youth roleplaying game. I’ve gathered together some of the best writers and artists in the RPG hobby to present you with a metric fuckton of cool alternative options to play the game with. First off, this is a hoard of 17 new settings. Each includes The Authority (that asshole who’s fucking up the world), the Dystopia (the world being up-fucked), and the YOs (the meddling little “youthful offender” fuckers who are the world’s only hope for freedom). Normally, it’s the Authority and Dystopia generation systems in the core book that lead players through the process of creating a cool world. Here, the writers I’ve collected for you showcase the kinds of things you can make with those systems: we got space, we got fantasy, we got historical drama, we got uplifted animals, we got the real fucking world, and of course, it wouldn’t be an RPG supplement without your standard black and white world where you are the only ones who can bring color to it. And if that weren’t enough, we’ve got two hacks of the game. These are complete minigames based on Misspent Youth, but with their own unique twists`. You can play out the story of a band making music for Love, or a bunch of bitter Old Fucks who have to drag their carcasses out of retirement to save a world gone (back) to hell. Orders from the original Authority: Fun is mandatory. Anyone not having fun will be held for special questioning!

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