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Through The Hedgerow RPG (Hardcover)

Through The Hedgerow RPG (Hardcover)

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A fantasy roleplaying game in which gifted mortals and Fay creatures fight across time for the soul of the countryside. As Knights of the Briar Company, you are Champions of the Light, charged with protecting the soul and magic of the land against the agents of the Dark, who seek only destruction and chaos. This eternal battle is fought throughout history, from the war-torn Dark Ages and 17th Century to the upheaval of the Industrial Revolution and World War Two. As one of the Fay sorcerous birds, animated scarecrows, intelligent spiders, and other beings you may be sworn to defend humanity. Or, as a mortal marked by destiny and plucked from your own time, you might be caught up in this struggle. One way or another, you must step through the hedgerow to face the Darkness..

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