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Heroscape: Battle Box - Battle for the Wellspring

Heroscape: Battle Box - Battle for the Wellspring

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The wellsprings of Valhalla, a resource long warred over by the powerful Valkyrie. Upon the discovery of a wellspring the spark of battle is sure to follow. A group of rogues plan a deadly ambush. If successful, the mystical Wellsprings themselves may be forfeit. Only an unlikely group of scouts stands between them and the most precious resource in all of Valhalla. Heroscape: Battle for the Wellspring allows 2 players to take their first steps into the exciting world of the expandable Heroscape miniatures game! Inside this Battle Box are 6 new miniatures which includes three dastardly pirates, a noble wizard, and two familiars. Also included are 4 new scenarios and a new terrain tile - Wellspring water. This game is compatible with previous and upcoming Heroscape releases. Features: 6 new highly detailed miniatures for Heroscape! Includes an exclusive new terrain tile type: Wellspring water! 31 locking hex tiles! Features two Laur Jungle trees! Features 4 new scenarios to support hours of gameplay!

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