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Para Bellum



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The wealth and stability provided by the Sorcerer Kings in the Enclaves has allowed them to devote themselves almost exclusively to the perfection of their art and the pursuit of knowledge.  Archery, and its perfection, is the main focus on the Dhanur, a centuries old military treatise that has been compiled and recompiled for centuries among the Enclaves. The only real need the Enclaves have is defense against the Free Khanates, and to this end, those that devote themselves to the mastery of the bow do so with a zeal unmatched anywhere in the world.

How they Play:  Well-trained in the traditional ways of archery, the Dhanur offer ample ranged support to their Rajakur brethren. Their excellent ranged output also makes them prime entourage for spellcasting characters who wish to focus more on the meticulous preparation and casting of rituals rather than joining the thick of the combat.


  • 12 plastic miniatures
  • 1 set of Infantry Bases and Stands
  • 1 Command Card.
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