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Para Bellum



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Among the countless deaths that occurred during the Sorcerer King's evacuation, the death of the last elephant could perhaps have gone unnoticed had it not been Hormus’ own loyal steed who died in defense of his master. Since then the grief-stricken Sorcerer King has crafted and animated hundreds, if not thousands, of faithful stone replicas of his beloved steed. Each more grandiose than the last, they have all, thus far, disappointed him. Nevertheless he has gifted hundreds of them to his faithful subjects so that they might enjoy their protection like he once did. These ponderous stone constructs have been the bane of countless foes since, their brutal power a testament to the craft and might of the Sorcerer Kings.  There are 4 Dhanur  Disciples that are provided with the Mahut, along with an alternate head for you to customize. If you add the "Favored of Hormus" Mahut rider, she will replace the Disciples in play and the Manut will serve as her base. 

How they play:  Well-armored and supported by skilled Dhanurveda Archers, the Mahut acts as the hammer of the mortal forces. Excellent at contesting Objective Zones and engaging in prolonged combat, as the archers can fire directly at whoever the Mahut is engaging, further adding to its melee prowess. The Mahut also serves as a favorable method of transportation for none but the most powerful and stylish spellcasters.


  • Monster Kit: 1 Plastic miniature with a stand of 4 Dhanur Disciples
  • An alternate head,
  • A Monster Base and Stand Infantry Bases and Stands
  • 1 Command card and assembly instructions.
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