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The Mind

The Mind

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INGENIOUS CARD GAME: Experience the ingenious and highly addictive card game that's making waves everywhere. The Mind offers simple rules but a challenging test of your mental synchronization.
ASCENDING ORDER CHALLENGE: Work together with your friends to play cards in ascending order, but here's the catch – no speaking or communication allowed! Can you beat the Mind's tricky levels?
UNIQUE NON-VERBAL COMMUNICATION: Discover the art of non-verbal communication as you read each other's cues, invent silent languages with knowing glances, and synchronize your minds to conquer the game's challenges.
WORLDWIDE BEST-SELLER: Join the worldwide community of players who have fallen in love with The Mind. This social card game is perfect for game nights, gatherings, and bonding with friends.
HIGH PLAYER INTERACTION: The Mind is all about player interaction and cooperation. It's a fantastic addition to your game night, encouraging teamwork and fun social dynamics.

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