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Third Best Superscript T-Shirt

Third Best Superscript T-Shirt

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Printed on American made Royal Apparel 17051 50/50 Unisex poly-cotton blend  t-shirts. 

While Cleveland Magazine may have hailed Superscript as the best Board Game Store  in the city, some other publications were, let's say, less effusive in their praise. 

Jokes aside, third place is high praise in a city with such an embarrassment of riches when it comes to great comic and game shops. 

We wanted to take a moment to reflect on how far we've come in three years. One of our favorite comic book artists and friend of the store, John G., was kind enough to design this limited run t-shirt for us -based on one of our favorite obscure DC crossovers. It's an excellent distillation of what Superscript represents: a place where you can be yourself, take up some space and be part of a community that is every bit as diverse and magical as the products we sell.

This shirt doesn't just say that you support a friendly local comic and game store. It says that Superscript is your friendly local comic and game store. 

Expected shipping date March 1st.

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